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One last drive back

I’ve pictured my final days of college my whole life, and it’s finally here. I still can’t believe it. It hit me on the drive back to Bloomsburg from my home in West Chester. I used to hate the thought of driving two hours in a car, but in the course of my four years it was something I grew to love.

However, this last drive back to Bloomsburg was not one I was looking forward to. It was the last “back to school” car ride, and I was fully aware of that. I knew what this drive meant. It meant my last drive to this town. It meant everything I was about to be doing in this semester was my last. I admit, it’s a bit strange to now be saying, “My last ..." It seems like yesterday I was saying, “My first ...”

Global Business Association

GBA places Top 3 in CUIBE case competition

In short, it was a landmark performance for this relatively new student organization launched from of the Zeigler College of Business. Long term, it was a memorable experience its members say will ultimately benefit them in their professional lives.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology certification

Chemistry seniors earn ASBMB certification

One sees chemistry as a path to law school and the other, a journey to a Ph.D. in synthetic chemistry. Both are set to graduate this December as among the few chemistry graduates — less than 425 in the country — walking this year with this distinguished certification.

Mack Truck Internship

Mass comm intern lands Mack’s Top Dog Award

A typical mass communications internship tends to be in marketing or some type of media; but not for Andrew Fox, who took a different route this summer with Mack Trucks, Inc. This senior didn’t build trucks either. Instead he was writing scripts, filming and directing small films for Mack’s training department.

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