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Doing our part

"Each spring for the past decade, Bloomsburg University students have participated in “The Big Event,” a Saturday in which thousands of students volunteer their time and help members of the Bloomsburg community with projects ranging from assisting a local business with its exterior design to doing a backyard cleanup for elderly residents. Whatever the task, our students have accepted the various challenges with cheerful attitudes and a sense of pride in giving back – because giving back to the community is in their DNA. Organized each year by the elected student leaders of BU’s Community Government Association, this event serves as a wonderful example of the power of collaboration for the benefit of our neighbors and community partners."

President Bashar Hanna

Straight talk on COVID-19 in corrections

"Confirmation bias, (favoring or interpreting information that confirms your previously existing beliefs), is widespread in the narrative around public policy. Many seek out news sources that affirm their existing position rather than seeking objective information that could potentially shape or alter that position. So it is with much of the narrative surrounding COVID19 and its impact on corrections systems across America. Some would have you believe that we should empty our prisons of anyone who may be vulnerable to COVID19, regardless of their charges, time served, risk to reoffend or likelihood of having the opportunity to reenter society with the tools necessary to be successful in society. Yet others would have us believe that any call for a reduction in prison population as part of the response to COVID19 is merely a Trojan Horse used to attack the 'prison industrial complex' built through policies of mass incarceration. Frankly, both sides are being purposely ignorant and/or disingenuous."

State Secretary of Corrections


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