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Sociology is a diverse social science that brings both qualitative and quantitative ("scientific") methods to bear on understanding human and group or institutional behavior. The focus is on understanding the impact of social, cultural or interactional contexts on behavior (i.e., it's an "environmental" science that looks at how contextual factors guide or structure the choices people and groups make).

As a sociology major, you will ...

Bloomsburg University's sociology program offers majors the opportunity to look at various substantive areas in the discipline, as well as ample opportunity to explore personal interests.

Faculty specialization and teaching interests include:

  • economic stratification
  • race and ethnicity
  • crime and deviance
  • family dynamics
  • the workplace
  • sports
  • community and population
  • mass media
  • environmental issues


Sociology Student Testimonial

Why major in sociology?

Sociology appeals to both a careerist and an idealist, providing intriguing course content and intellectual development while offering diverse career options. As a sociologist, you can either run the world or help change it. Among the popular career options include research and planning, government, criminal justice and advocacy.

Sociology Students Success

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COIL Course: Seminar on Identity and Locality

Led by Chris Podeschi, associate professor of sociology, a group of Bloomsburg University sociology students spent 10 days in Hungary this summer studying first-hand the Hungarian culture, history, and identity. The study abroad trip was part of Podeschi's spring collaborative online international learning course, Seminar on Identity and Locality, which included videoconferencing during the semester with a class from the University of Pecs.

The abroad experience also featured visits to Budapest and a rural Hungarian community that provided social and cultural context explored during class discussion earlier in the spring.

Hungary Study Abroad

Sociological look at gas drilling opens students eyes

A sociological look at the impact of Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling boom has led to a new perspective for a Bloomsburg University research team, particularly within the research process itself.

Led by Chris Podeschi, associate professor of sociology, a student tandem examined focus group transcripts this summer from interviews Podeschi and colleagues did in 2013 about the impact of the drilling on communities in the region. It provided the students’ an up-close look, hands-on experience with research.

Sociology Research