Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Research and Sponsored Programs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

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Director of Research Programs

Steven Hales, Ph.D.
212 Centennial Hall
Fax: 570-389-3054


Bloomsburg University's research and sponsored programs serves as the principal resource for faculty, staff and students seeking or managing funding for research and other creative activities.

Among its primary duties include assisting researchers in identifying funding and locating application forms and guidelines, reviewing funding literature and funding opportunities, as well as reviewing proposal budgets.

Additionally, the office aids faculty in the submission process. All proposal submissions that are not individual awards (fellowships, etc.) should be submitted to the funding agency by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, which will normally take care of obtaining signatures on proposals, copying, and mailing. For proposals to federal or state agencies with complex forms, the research office will prepare the forms from the project director's rough drafts.

Faculty Summer Research and Scholarship

  • Diverse Social Categorization and Feelings of Uncertainty — George Chavez, psychology
  • Technology Integration, Experiential and Service Oriented Learning, Community Consulting, and High Impact Undergraduate Research (The BU ITM Research Environment and Creative Teaching Lab) — Hayden Wimmer, instructional technology management
  • Evaluation of an Antioxidant Dietary Supplement in the Reversal of a Middle-Aged Learning Impairment in Rats — Eric Stouffer, psychology
  • Early Career Job Separation in College Student Affairs — Denise Davidson, educational studies and secondary education
  • The Effects of Neuropeptide Y, Ghrelin, and Leptin on Reproductive and Ingestive Behaviors of Syrian Hamsters — Candice Klingerman, biological and allied health sciences
  • Invited Professorial Fellowship at Univ. of Edinburgh to work on luck — Steven Hales, philosophy
  • Epigenetic regulation of G-protein subunit genes by promoter methylation — William Schwindinger, biological and allied health sciences
  • Legal Transformation and Liberalism in the Ottoman Empire — M. Safa Saracoglu, history
  • Wireless Networking and Dynamic Spectrum Management and Access with Software-Defined and Cognitive Radios — Fan Jiang, physics and engineering technology