Readmission to Bloomsburg University

Readmission to Bloomsburg University

Bloomsburg University Undergraduate ReAdmissions

Process of Readmission

  • Complete and file the application for readmission to the Office of Admissions (104 Student Services Center, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA 17815)
  • Submit an official transcript if you have attended another college or university since leaving Bloomsburg
  • Submit a letter from your physician stating the status of your health if you withdrew for medical reasons
  • Secure a clearance from the Director of Center for Counseling and Human Development if you withdrew for psychological reasons
  • A personal interview may be required as circumstances warrant

The above steps must be completed before action can be taken on your readmission application. Completion of all admissions procedures is the responsibility of the applicant.

A candidate for readmission to Bloomsburg University is an individual who was admitted and attended the university as a degree seeking student. A readmission applicant is defined as one who failed to enroll for a semester, withdrew, or was academically or socially dismissed from BU.

Readmitted students are responsible for the graduation requirements and academic policies which exist at the time of re-entrance. The Director of Admissions may require an applicant for readmission to file a letter containing such supplementary information as is needed for proper consideration.

Students under academic dismissal are ineligible for readmission for one calendar year. They should present evidence of successful achievement at another college or university as part of their application for readmission.

Applications for readmission are reviewed individually. Decisions are based upon such factors as:

  • previous level of achievement
  • reasons for withdrawal
  • potential for completing a degree program
  • positive social review
  • institutional capacity

Deadlines for Readmission

  • Spring Semester – Dec. 1
  • Summer Semester – April 1
  • Fall Semester – July 1

Readmission Application