BU in the News

BU in the News

Stem Camp

For a fun week in Columbia County Stem Camp just got underway at Bloomsburg University. The camp is for middle and high school students, specializing in the exploration and understanding. Watch Now!

Good Morning America

Check out this story from today’s Good Morning America. The CEO of Boxed Wholesale, Chieh Huang, is paying tuition for his employees’ children. The featured incoming student on the GMA Everyday Heroes segment is Mark Bobko, who will be a freshman digital forensics major here in the fall.

Virginia Woolf Conference

Julie Vandivere, associate professor of English, speaks with Erika Funke, host of WVIA’s ArtScene, about the continuing relevance of works by Virginia Woolf and events scheduled during the 25th annual Conference on Virginia Woolf: Virginia Woolf and Her Female Contemporaries. The conference, held on campus and at venues in the Town of Bloomsburg, was BU’s first international conference. More than 200 Woolf scholars participated in events running from June 4 to 7.

Pilot: US Government Claims Of Plane Wi-Fi Hacking Wrong And Irresponsible

The US government released a report yesterday warning of security threats facing modern aircraft, leading to stories from major publications claiming in-flght Wi-Fi could be hacked to take control of a passenger plane. But according to Phil Polstra, a qualified pilot and professor of digital forensics at Bloomsburg University, the report contained much erroneous information.

Prison exec encourages McCaskey students in mentoring program

He runs the nation's sixth-largest prison system, and he came to McCaskey East High School on Friday to encourage kids in a mentoring program to stay clear of his institutions.

"It's easier to build strong children than fix a broken man," said Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel, paraphrasing statesman Frederick Douglass.