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Russian hackers somehow got a hold of more than a billion usernames and passwords, and that means millions could be impacted.

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Professors celebrate Diwali festival: In celebration of the Diwali festival of lights, BU faculty will collaborate on a free multimedia performance.

Going Gold for Gavin

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and Friday, for the first time, the Bloomsburg Fair raised money for the cause. Since gold is the color used to symbolize the fight against childhood cancer, the fair observed “Going Gold for Gavin.“

The Bloomsburg Fair had a very special reason to go gold on Friday and raise money for pediatric cancer, and his name is Gavin Royer. Gavin is 5 years old and his parents are longtime vendors at the fair.

Students from Bloomsburg University volunteered their time at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds to raise money for Janet Weis Children’s Hospital and a pediatric cancer charity called Go 4 the Goal. “We got over 50 volunteers signed up in less than 48 hours,” Caitlin Diehl said.