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Announcement of Upcoming Survey

An upcoming survey on teacher preparedness to recognize and respond to students impacted by trauma and stress in Pennsylvania, will be available late spring. Details here!


Micro-credentialing available to BU Students through the McDowell Institute

Students will be able to take any of the micro-credentials at anytime throughout the year at their own pace. For more information or to access a micro-credential contact Danielle Empson (

What is a Micro-credential?

A micro-credential is a short, competency-based recognition that allows an aspiring educator or related human service provider to demonstrate mastery in a particular area. McDowell Institute micro-credentials are grounded in research and best practice and designed to be: 

Personalized: You can create your own learning journey, based on your interests and career goals

Flexible: You can study, learn and grow when it’s convenient for you

Performance-based: McDowell Institute micro-credentials are awarded based on demonstrated competency

What is required to become Micro-Credentialed?

Pre-requisite Core Components - Asynchronous Virtual Module Orientation Series on Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)-Projected time commitment: 2 hours

Micro-credential Specialized Areas of Interest- After completion of the pre-requisite core components students identify their specialized area(s) of interest. The projected time commitment to complete any selected micro-credential area ranges between 5 – 8 hours.

McDowell Institute: Orientation Series on Trauma-informed Practices in the Classroom

McDowell Institute: Bully Prevention in Pre-Kindergarten Programs

McDowell Institute: Bully Prevention in K – 4 Programs

McDowell Institute: Bully Prevention in the Middle School

McDowell Institute: Bully Prevention in the High School

McDowell Institute: Comprehensive Bully Prevention PK-12

***McDowell Institute: Equity and Inclusion in Schools*** Coming soon

Students receive their respective digital micro-credential upon completion of their selected special area(s) of interest. 

Completion of three or more or the completion of two of the previously noted areas of interest plus 2 additional pre-approved professional development experiences will result in award of each completed digital micro-credential plus an Advanced McDowell Institute Certificate of completion coupled with a graduation stole to be awarded for commencement.

Professional Development Experiences (Pre-approval required)

Conference Attendance (germane to the social-emotional-behavioral wellness of youth)

Internship/Field Experience (10 hours beyond the student’s major program of study requirements)

Suicide Prevention Training