Students in this program can pursue a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree through a curriculum that provides a thorough background in the theoretical and real-world applications of mathematics. The curriculum and instructional strategies are designed to encourage and promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and the articulation of mathematical ideas. Students can also pursue minors in mathematics and statistics.

A future in mathematics

Among career paths chosen by mathematics majors are:

  • actuarial science
  • statistical analysis
  • operations research analysis
  • software engineering
  • industrial engineering
  • numerical analysis
  • systems analysis
  • decision analysis
  • teaching



Collaborative Math Research

Research gets published

James Sharpe, a mathematics major, and Chris Lynd, an associate professor of mathematics, recently had their research published in the latest edition of The American Mathematical Monthly. Their paper is titled, “Sequences Generated by Powers of the kth-order Fibonacci Recurrence Relation.”

Problem Solving Competition

Math major wins medal

Drawing from more than 400 colleges and universities, the Mathematics Association of America national Problem Solving Competition features some of the best math students in the country. And Luke Vuksta, a mathematics major, was among them. Vuksta advanced to the finals and earned a sixth place medal.

Post-Graduate Options

Math major weighs options

Chase Sakitis’s childhood passion has led to — not one but three — post-graduation options. “I chose mathematics, because it was a subject I excelled at throughout my school career,” Sakitis said. “Solving math equations or proving theories were like solving puzzles to me.”