International Business

International Business (B.S.B.A.)

Bloomsburg University’s international business program is uniquely designed with a qualitative liberal arts foundation, a business core, an interdisciplinary IB core, and a functional specialization that provides you with functional skills in addition to the required business core and IB major knowledge, which increases your job marketability after graduation. As an international business major, you'll develop the business knowledge, skills, and abilities that will give you the edge in the global job market.

International Business Tracks

  • International Business - Accounting
  • International Business - Economics
  • International Business - Finance
  • International Business - Human Resource Management
  • International Business - Information Technology
  • International Business - Marketing
  • International Business - Policy and Globalization

Graduates with an international business expertise are projected to be in an increasing demand, as the gross domestic products (GDP) of both developed and developing countries continue to rely more heavily on international trade and investment.


Why study international business?

Pursuing international business will increase your understanding of global markets and various regions of the world, thus enhancing your marketability in the business profession. As an international business major, you'll have greater insights into the global economic and business climates. Adding a global education component, such as study abroad, will only be more beneficial for your efforts to potentially work anywhere across the globe.

Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education


International Business

Director of Global Business Institute

Lam Nguyen, Ph.D., professor, Management and International Business | 570-389-4386 | 335 Sutliff Hall


AACSB Accreditation



Global Business Association

Global Business Association

Bloomsburg University's Global Business Association provides students with opportunities to explore international business issues, cross-cultural differences and develop cross-border professional relationships. The student organization holds workshops and seminars regarding international business concepts and issues. Either alumni or respected professionals from industry with extensive global backgrounds are often brought onto campus to speak; almost always includes exclusive networking opportunities.

GBA also holds cultural dinners, focusing on a specific country and culture, and treat them as excellent networking opportunities with alumni and industry professionals. In addition, the association conducts international business case competitions, participates in on-campus celebration of cultures and ongoing fundraising and service projects.