Integration of three universities

Integration - Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield


Centered on student success, our shared vision is to expand high-quality educational opportunities for students, position institutions for growth, and meet regional economic and workforce needs across Pennsylvania. At a time when universities across the country, including our own, are financially challenged, integration would creatively ensure that its institutions are open, vibrant, and equipped to support our students toward building a successful future.

The Northeast Integration of Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield universities is a bold investment in the future for our students and the communities and people of Northeastern Pennsylvania that allows each campus to continue sustainably fulfilling the missions of these pillar institutions.

  • PRESERVING YESTERDAY: Preserving the founding principles of each campus and the communities we serve.
  • ADAPTING TO TODAY: Answering the greatest challenges facing higher education: cost, quality, opportunity, and relevance.
  • BUILDING A STRONGER TOMORROW: Changing the trajectory of public higher education in the Commonwealth.


1. IDENTITY – Honoring the legacy and traditions that bring all generations together.

  • Each institution’s name, logo, mascot and identity will remain. The names Bloomsburg University, Lock Haven University, and Mansfield University will not change.
    • The integrated entity name to be used only for accreditation documentation.
  • Athletics remain an important part of our campus culture, and we are pursuing a path with the NCAA where each campus will retain its current complement of athletic teams.

2. MISSION – Upholding and advancing our missions well into the future.

  • By leveraging the power of three, students will have increased access to exemplary academic programs and pathways to social mobility.
  • More pathways to move easily from high school dual enrollment through associate’s to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.

3. ACADEMICS – Access a greater range of programs and faculty expertise than any single university can offer.

  • Select from an expanded “menu” of academic programs, offering nearly double the program options for Lock Haven and Mansfield students.
  • A typical student will take most in-person courses at their home campus and potentially some through real-time remote learning.
  • General education courses will be offered at each campus.

4. STUDENT NEEDS – Responding to the diverse needs of 21st century learners with relevant academic programs, proven modalities, and flexibility that supports a diverse learning community.

  • A program array that will prepare students for careers of the future while maintaining efficient time to graduation.
  • On all three campuses, students can enjoy on-campus housing, student clubs and organizations, athletics and a vibrant campus life.
  • Students can design a university experience that works for them with dedicated support services on each campus.

5. CAREER PREPARATION – Equipping students with the skills and connections for an even greater degree of upward mobility.

  • Broader experiential learning opportunities extend to internships, career services, and an even larger pool of employers ready to recruit our graduates.
  • Build a resume and graduate career-ready.

6. OPPORTUNITY – Expanding high-quality experiential options while also reducing the total cost of degree attainment.

  • A financially-responsible degree creates a faster route to independence.
  • Benefit from all the opportunities of a larger university – with the same personalized, small-campus experience traditionally offered at Lock Haven and Mansfield.

7. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT – Cultivating and nurturing employer relationships to stay attuned to workforce demands.

  • We are committed to working with regional and statewide employers to build short-course and credentialing programs for working professionals, as well as traditional students who are looking pick up specific certifications and credentials as they progress through their education.

8. COMMUNITY – Evolving so that each campus can continue serving the needs of its home community.

  • From offering dual-enrollment opportunities for high school students to ensuring a vibrant campus life experience.
  • We look forward to deepening our Town Gown relationships and expanding our partnerships to provide more internships and mentoring programs, volunteerism/service, lively arts and cultural opportunities, and more that benefit the communities we call home.

9. ECONOMIC GROWTH – Stimulating new growth opportunities for businesses and community partners.

  • We’re building toward a stronger region, strengthening and elevating the quality of life for local and regional communities.
  • We remain committed to an environment where students live, work, and engage as members of the Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield communities.

10. PROCESS – To succeed individually, we must succeed in common.

  • 500+ students, faculty, staff, trustees, and community leaders are participating in the Northeast Integration planning.
  • Following the April Board of Governor’s Meeting, there will be a 60-day public comment period. At its summer meeting, the Board will vote regarding the integration moving forward.