Public Policy and International Affairs (M.A.)

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Public Policy and International Affairs Graduate Program

Public Policy and International Affairs (M.A.)

Public Policy and International Affairs

M.A. Program Coordinator
  Peter Doerschler, Ph.D. |

Department of Political Science
315A Bakeless Center
Phone: 570-389-4086
Fax: 570-389-2094

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This master's program in public policy and international affairs is designed to prepare graduates for advanced degrees and professional careers as:

  • Public Policy Analyst
  • Public Policy Expert/Consultant: local, state and federal government; inter-governmental organizations; and non-governmental organizations
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and International Affairs
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science and International Affairs

Admission Requirements | Course Curriculum


Required Courses

Course Sequence

Program Faculty


Program graduates will:

  • Demonstrate significant knowledge and expertise in the public policy process
  • Possess sound knowledge of theories, concepts and models of public policy making
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of cultural diversity and the cultural contexts of policy issues, relationships and trends in contemporary society
  • Commit to an understanding of the importance of maintaining the public trust when engaging in identification of critical policy issues
  • Be adept in constructing approaches to assessment and evaluation of policy processes and outcomes
  • Have a working knowledge of research methods, statistical analysis, needs assessment and policy evaluation

All courses are taught by political science faculty, who are seasoned faculty with doctoral degrees and extensive subject expertise. The department faculty provide an active learning experience and employ a variety of teaching methods.

A strength of the program is its provision of distance and interactive learning options in addition to its strong campus presence. The mixture of traditional and non-traditional students offers the advantage of the collective experience of its students and energy of a committed faculty.

The political science department is committed to encouraging enrollment of members of historically disadvantaged groups.