PK-12 Principal Certification

PK-12 Principal Certification

Program Coordinator
Thomas Starmack, Ed.D. |
College of Education
1100 McCormick Center

The Pennsylvania PK-12 Principal Certification (ONLY) seeks to recruit individuals who are proactive in meeting the diverse needs of students. We pride ourselves with the ability to provide job embedded learning through various situations and settings. We also strive to constantly integrate present principals and administrators into our program to create meaningful learning experiences to our future school leaders.

Program Admission

  • Complete a graduate school application.
  • Submit all official undergraduate & graduate (if applicable) transcript(s). Minimum undergraduate GPA of a 3.0 required.
  • Submit a Statement of Goals that explains the applicant’s reasons for pursuing a principal certification
  • Submit a current resume
  • Submit a copy of a current PA Instructional Certificate
  • Submit three Letters of Recommendation that address the applicant’s leadership ability, capacity to be a successful school principal, academic suitability, and professional demeanor.

After all materials have been submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, your complete application will be forwarded to the department for review.

Upon acceptance into the program, the program coordinator will schedule an interview to clarify program requirements, discuss goals, evaluate academic records and outline a long ‐ range program.

Academic Requirements and Information

Practicing educators with proven satisfactory experience apply to the PK-12 Principal Certificate Program. Candidates are required to complete 30 credits in order to receive Principal Certification.

Classes are typically offered during the evening 5 to 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday.

  • PDE Approved for PK-12 Principal Cert.
  • Online classes are available and growing! A student can earn their certification online with the exception of the required practicum/internship.
  • You are required to have a seasoned (at least three years’ experience) principal to act as your mentor throughout the program.


Graduate students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students who do not take classes in either the Fall and/or Spring semester(s) will be considered inactive in MyHusky. Students are required to contact their Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator with their request to be reactivated. Their request is then forwarded to the Graduate Office, who will process the reactivation. Students have six calendar years to complete their chosen degree or certification program.

Transfer Credits

Upon acceptance, students desiring to transfer credits may make this request upon application to their chosen program. Upon approval, degree students may transfer up to a maximum of nine semester hours or parallel courses (determined by BU) from accredited institutions. These courses will be applied towards completing the degree requirements of the program. However, no courses will be transferred in which a grade less than a B was earned. Pass/fail grades are not acceptable.

Pennsylvania Requirements for Certification

(As taken from the PDE website *)

  • Provides verification of three years of relevant professional experience. For the purpose of this section, relevant professional experience is “professional experience in an educational setting that is related to the instructional process.”
  • Completes a Pennsylvania-approved, graduate-level principal certification program that includes an internship/practicum or an equivalent out-of-state program. A 3.0 program Grade Point Average (GPA) is required.
  • Provides evidence of satisfactory achievement on the Pennsylvania required test.

(*) Please see the PDE website for additional requirements for PDE certification and for any updates as certification requirements may change over time.