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Global and Multicultural Education

Fall Travel

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bloomsburg’s abroad programs for both the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 term have been formally suspended. For more information please contact

Bloomsburg University's Office of Global and Multicultural Education strives to create quality cross-cultural experiences for faculty, staff, and students and to promote awareness of global issues.

This is achieved through:

  • Providing students with comprehensive study abroad experiences that enrich their lives and enhance their academic careers.
  • Organizing various activities and programs (lectures, workshops, festivals, models) to promote awareness of global issues.
  • Supporting incoming international students who expose our BU community to different and enriching experiences in and outside of the classroom.

Office of Global and Multicultural Education
236 Student Services Center
Fax: 570-389-4830


Study Abroad

Challenge yourself, pack your bag and let the world be your classroom! Study abroad offers unique experiences that enhance your academic career and personal goals. It introduces you to different cultures providing a better understanding of others. It also helps you acquire the skills to be an engaged global citizens. Go on a journey of self-discovery!

“If anything, people hesitate to go abroad. There’s this barrier where people don’t decide ‘I’m going to do it.’ It’s not as expensive as you’d think. I would just really encourage people to travel,” — Cassandra Souza ‘17

Faculty members who wish to develop a faculty-led short-term program for study abroad:

International (degree-seeking)

Bloomsburg University offers the opportunities of a big university — less than a three-hour drive to New York City and four-hour drive to Washington, D.C. — with the personalized and friendly learning environment of a smaller school..

International students will find it easy to transition to a new culture in the welcoming atmosphere of the cozy campus on the hill. We offer:

  • A welcoming environment.
  • A peer mentoring program to help you adjust to a new culture and educational system, and over 200 student organizations to join.
  • Professional development opportunities from your freshman year through your senior year to prepare you for your future career through ProfessionalU.
  • Learning opportunities outside the classroom such as volunteering, internships, and funded research opportunities.
  • Academic and ESL support.
  • Campus sponsored programs, concerts, trips.
  • 50% international tuition waiver based on financial need.

International Student Process

Incoming Exchange

Bloomsburg University hosts incoming exchange students from partner universities throughout the world

BU is home to approximately 9,500 students. Its beautiful campus features an excellent technologically designed library and a wealth of recreational facilities.

Life in the town of Bloomsburg offers the best of both worlds: a safe and serene rural community that lies within easy travelling distance from major metropolitan areas, such as New York City and Philadelphia.

Eligible students must be nominated by their home university before submitting an application. Nominations can be for one semester (fall/spring) or one academic year of coursework.

Incoming Exchange Program