Who Benefits

Who Benefits

Making a difference

Katie Slater dreams of making a difference, and she says the support of a Presidential Leadership Scholarship-which is funded by the Henry Carver Fund-has brought her one step closer to making her dreams come true.

A freshman majoring in early childhood education, Katie hopes to someday return to her hometown of Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania, and teach at the Oswayo Valley Elementary School. She chose Bloomsburg in part because it offers the graduate program she's interested in-guidance counseling. With a brother in college and her parents helping them both financially, the Leadership Scholarship made Bloomsburg even more attractive. "Both the financial support and the positive assurance are giving me the drive to accomplish all of my dreams," Katie says.

Katie is already contributing to the Bloomsburg community, just as she did back home Shinglehouse. In just her first semester at BU, Katie helped clean out homes devastated by the floods of September 2011 and wrote Christmas letters to U.S. soldiers. Also, once a month she and other members of the Pennsylvania Student Education Association read to children ages 4-10 at the Bloomsburg library, after which they work on a craft project together. "I'm happy to do all this," she says. "You make friends and it helps keep you organized."

Clearly, the future doesn't have to wait for Katie to make a difference.

Helping students shine

Henry Carver Fund For Sebastian Ramirez, class of 2014, being part of both the Honors Program and Presidential Leadership Program are ways to continue giving back to his community—as well as providing his family with a significant financial boost.

“Growing up, I always volunteered because my parents have always helped out,” Ramirez says. “But the scholarships have also had a great financial benefit. My parents are paying [for his college education], so I’ll do anything to help them out.”

Supported by the Bloomsburg University’s annual fund, now called the Henry Carver Fund, the two programs provide scholarships and promote volunteer opportunities. In his freshman year, Ramirez helped raise money for the American Cancer Society and a homeless shelter in Danville, Pennsylvania, and he volunteered at the Catholic Campus Ministry Newman House.

“Having the opportunity to be in these programs is really amazing,” Ramirez says. “It has added so much to my college experience.”