Donor Impact

Donor Impact

Your support provides ...

  • Scholarships, including academic, athletic, leadership and need-based
  • Support of university excellence, including Presidential Leadership Programming, Provost's Lecture Series, equity programs and improvements to campus
  • Faculty support and research grants, including Margin of Excellence and TALE Teaching Awards
  • Student support, including professional opportunities and guest lectures
  • Enhancements to campus resources, particularly the Andruss Library
  • Support to athletic programs and teams
  • Alumni programming
  • Administrative support and continuing education
  • Capital improvements, for example, the Alumni House, Robert D. Warren Student Services Center and the Magee Center

Why give?

Every gift is an investment in the life of BU and education of each student. A donation demonstrates your confidence in the quality educational experience we provide, allowing us to create a foundation for continued innovation and discovery while building on our tradition of teaching excellence.

Your gift of any size keeps Bloomsburg University accessible, so every student with desire, determination and ability can afford a college education. Your gift will impact students immediately by providing scholarship and financial aid, improving campus infrastructure, and enhancing the student experience.