Freshman admissions at Bloomsburg University

Freshmen Admission

Fall 2020 Application

What to apply your passion? Apply to BU. The Fall 2020 application is available online! Early applicants receive priority consideration for competitive majors and scholarships. Your climb to the top starts at Bloomsburg University. Let’s get to work.

Application Requirements

To be considered for freshmen admission, prospective students must submit the following credentials:

  • The official application with $35 non-refundable fee to the Office of Admissions.
    • Please have your transcript sent to: Admissions Office SSC 104, Bloomsburg University, 400 East 2nd Street, Bloomsburg PA, 17815
  • Official high school transcripts - sent by the student's high school.
  • Official SAT or ACT scores - sent directly from the testing service or the student's high school.

Admissions Timeline

All applicants (except for Nursing) will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Below is important information concerning the admission timeline:

  • The freshmen application is made available on August 1st.
  • Students applying for admission into competitive majors are encouraged to submit their application and credentials before the end of October, as spots in those programs will fill quickly.
  • Most applicants will receive an admission decision within three weeks of completing their application.
  • Students have until May 1 to secure their spot in the incoming freshmen class.
    • Nursing
    • The nursing application deadline is Nov. 15. All required application materials need to be in by this date as well.
    • Applicants to the nursing program will receive their admission decision in mid-December.

Admission Criteria

The Bloomsburg University Office of Admissions will conduct a holistic review of every students application materials. Below are the admission guidelines for the incoming class for most majors (some majors will have stricter admission guidelines):

  • "B" grade point average.
  • Completed the college prep program of study determined by their high school.
  • Average SAT score: 1050-1090; Average ACT score: 23 (Nursing: 1180 SAT score or higher, 24 ACT score).
  • Top 30 percent of their graduating class.
  • Is active in high school and community activities, especially in leadership roles.
Freshman Choices

“Why did you come here?”

It’s always the first question I get when I tell people I’m from California. If I was paid a dollar for every time I was asked that, I could pay for a new student union building. Sometimes, I like to have fun when people ask why I came to BU. I tell people things like, “I took a wrong turn on the way to Hollywood,” or “I threw a dart at a map and it hit Bloomsburg.” But, as you can imagine, I have no interest in sitting in three hours of LA traffic and I’m awful at darts, so neither are true.

I’m sure my fears coming into my first year at Bloomsburg are the same as many others. Whether it was about making friends, getting along with my roommate, trying to figure where my classroom was, or just figuring out what to eat at Husky, I was stressed. All in all, being an out-of-state student isn’t as scary as it sounds and you’re not as crazy as people think you are for leaving your state or country behind. It’s an opportunity to experience college without any strings attached and learn for yourself, who you want to be.