Finance and Business Services

Finance and Business Services

The office handles student accounting, including billing, collections and financial aid disbursements. Other responsibilities include:

  • accounts payable, including vendor payments, travel processing, p-card reconciliation and review
  • fixed asset and capital project accounting
  • financial accounting and reporting
  • student residency classification determination and appeals
  • grant accounting

The office also manages all financial audits, including the annual financial statement audit, NCAA agreed upon procedures, PASSHE Office of Internal Audit and Risk Management (OIARA) requests and PA Auditor General requests.


Key Connections

Assistant Vice President
Claudia Thrush, CPA
570-389-4012 | E-mail
Assistant Director, Business Services
Kathryn Crossin, CPA
570-389-4013 | E-mail
Assistant Director, Budget/Finance
Debra Newman
570-389-4574| E-mail
Assistant Director, Budget/Finance
Barbara Meyer
570-389-4029 | E-mail
Bursar (Student Accounts)
Cathy Hadesty, CPA
570-389-4013 | E-mail
Senior Accountant
Danielle Peters
570-389-4647 | E-mail
Accounts Payable Supervisor (non-student related)
Lori Olshefski
570-389-4648 | E-mail
Senior Accountant - Grant Accounting (non-student)
Julia Kaschak
570-389-4022 | E-mail
Grant Accounting Technician
(non student)
Brenda Hutton
570-389-4021 | E-mail
Student Accounts Assistant
Susan DiLoretto
570-389-4306 | E-mail
Student Accounts Assistant
Kim Barton
570-389-4804 | E-mail
Meals/Flex Assistant
Deb Yablonski
570-389-4407 | E-mail
Student Accounts Assistant
Beth Coladonato
570-389-5261 | E-mail
Accounts Payable Assistant
Jamie Tingley
570-389-4017 | E-mail
Student Loans Assistant
Debbie Coleman
570-389-4020 | E-mail
Accounts Payable Assistant
Tina Campbell
570-389-4577 | E-mail
Financial Aid/Perkins Assistant
Gisele Tobin
570-389-4588 | E-mail