College Student Affairs

College Student Affairs (M.Ed.)

Help college students succeed in and out of the classroom ... and beyond

With increased attention on the value of a college degree, a need has developed for experts who can help students navigate the challenges of higher education and promote their successful degree completion.

We need people who can make a difference

  • Do you like to work with college students?
  • Do you like being involved and engaged on your college campus?
  • Do you want to build dynamic, engaging, and supportive college environments?
  • Are you interested in helping college students succeed outside of the classroom?
  • Do you want to promote college student learning and development?

We can help you become one of those people!

We face a changing society

  • Busy and demanding lives of college students
  • Inconsistent enrollment in higher education
  • Greater demand for attention to learning in all areas of the college experience
  • Pressing need for distance learning, virtual student out-of-classroom experiences, and readily available online interactions with CSA professionals
  • Attention to the widespread effects of the pandemic on students
  • Need for inclusivity and attention to the needs of the many college student populations
  • A call for exemplary conflict management communication, and collaboration skills

What we offer

  • Faculty commitment to lowering students’ costs by utilizing Affordable Educational Resources (AER) for high-quality course materials
  • Personal, dedicated faculty with lengthy careers in student affairs work
  • Strong, inclusive, supportive student community and alumni network
  • More than 40 graduate assistantships in 20 different campus departments
  • Support for campus and professional engagement
  • Variety of field experiences at Bloomsburg, locally, and nationally
  • CAS standards-compliant curriculum for students from any academic major


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College Student Affairs Information Session

College Student Affairs

CSA Program Coordinator
  Denise Davidson, Ph.D.,
  McCormick Center 1136
  570-389-4876 | @bloomu_csa


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CSA Instagram Takeover