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College Student Affairs (M.Ed.)

Want to work with college students?

Help them succeed in college and beyond? Like helping others? Promote college student learning and development? Like being involved and engaged on campus?

With increased attention on the value of a college degree, a need has developed for experts who can help students navigate the challenges of higher education and promote their successful degree completion.

Why study with us?

We need people who can make a difference

  • Do you like to work with college students?
  • Do you want to build dynamic, engaging, and supportive college environments?
  • Are you interested in helping college students succeed outside of the classroom?

We can help you become one of those people!

We face a changing society

  • College students with busy and demanding lives
  • Increased enrollment in higher education
  • Greater demand for attention to learning in all areas of campus
  • Need for conflict management, inclusion, and collaboration skills

What we offer

  • CAS standards-compliant curriculum for students from any academic major
  • Personal, dedicated faculty with lengthy careers in student affairs work
  • Strong, inclusive, supportive student community and alumni network
  • Support for campus and professional engagement
  • Variety of field experiences at Bloomsburg, locally, and nationally
  • More than 40 graduate assistantships in 20 different campus departments



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College Student Affairs

CSA Program Coordinator
  Denise Davidson, Ph.D.,
  McCormick Center 1136
  570-389-4876 | @bloomu_csa

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College Student Affairs

Ambivert personality research hits national stage

Rebecca Slutsky has a chameleon-like personality, an extrovert one minute and then introverted the next … all depending on the situation. Coincidently, fellow Bloomsburg University College of Students Affairs graduate student Michael Sloboda considers himself the same.

So it made perfect sense the two would team up for research, which they will showcase on a national stage this spring at the NASPA Annual Conference in Philadelphia. The conference will bring together is a global gathering of more than 5,000 student affairs administrators in higher education who are passionate about important higher education issues.

“Michael and I started this research because we wanted to see what else is out there,” Slutsky said. “This ties into my professional interest, because I’m always interacting with students who are either introverted or extroverted. I did not know there was a grey area to these personalities. With this research, I will be able to understand and best help students who are ambiverts, along with be a support to them while they are in college.”