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Bloomsburg University's Zeigler College of Business (ZCOB), recently named with one of the largest gifts in Pennsylvania state system history, is one of only five percent of business schools worldwide accredited by AACSB. More than 2,000 students major or minor in accounting, finance, information technology, management, marketing, or supply chain management. Students may also minor in human resource management and professional sales. An MBA program in Bloomsburg includes 4+1 MBA (for outstanding undergraduates), one-year Fast-Track MBA, and part-time Professional MBA programs.

Accounting boasts CPA pass rates in the top 15 percent nationally. Finance recently added a new concentration in personal financial planning. A state-of-the-art finance lab supports research and teaching for students, faculty, and the local community. The professional sales program was recently named among the top 100 programs in North America. A new sales lab, the first of its kind in Pennsylvania will help students develop sales and presentation skills. A recent gift supported a new major in supply chain management, endowed professorship, and establishment of the Nicholas J. Giuffre Center of Supply Chain Management.

The Zeigler Institute for Professional Development (ZIPD) sponsors executive panels, seminars, and an annual business conference to help students develop professional skills and network with alumni. A new Global Business Institute supports study abroad and international partnerships, and a new Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute sponsors entrepreneurship events. ZCOB, recognized regionally for its outstanding programs, is regarded as one of the top business schools in PA.

AACSB Accreditation

AACSB-accredited schools have the highest quality faculty, relevant and challenging curriculum, and provide educational and career opportunities not found at other schools. Many top, global corporations only recruit from AACSB-accredited schools. Those grads are offered better, more competitive salaries.

The Zeigler College of Business offers programs accredited by AACSB International and a masters of business education program accredited by CAEP, as well as a Minor in Business and three graduate programs.

AACSB-Accredited Undergraduate Majors

Accounting (B.S.B.A)

Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) with concentrations in:

Business Education (B.S.Ed.)

Associate Member USCA

Professional Sales and Marketing (B.S.B.A.)

Supply Chain Management (B.S.B.A.)

Member of CUIBE

International Business (B.S.B.A.) with concentrations in:

Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Info Tech
  • Economics
  • Policy and Globalization

AACSB-Accredited Master's Programs

Master of Accountancy (M.Acc.)

Master of Science in Information Technology (M.S. in IT)

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

  • Fast-Track M.B.A. – Bloomsburg
  • Professional M.B.A. – Bloomsburg


CAEP Accreditation

Accredited by CAEP

Master in Business Education (M.Ed.)


Business Minors

Zeigler College of Business

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