Biology Bachelor of Arts

Biology (B.A.)

Bloomsburg University's Bachelor of Arts in Biology program provides a firm background in biology and cognate sciences, while allowing for other interests to be pursued. Biology (B.A.) majors may select an option in Natural History. Students earning a B.S. in Secondary Education Biology may earn a B.A. in Biology as well.

Biology (B.A.)

This degree, which provides a strong background in the biological sciences, has considerable flexibility and is a good choice for students who want to double-major or minor in another academic discipline.

Biology (B.A.) - Natural History

This degree prepares students for careers in zoos, aquaria, science museums, and environmental education centers. It includes a strong background in organismal and field biology with supporting coursework in geology and anthropology. The flexibility in this degree allows students to select courses that will prepare them to interact with the public.


Biology STEM Camp

STEM Camp showcases fun in exploring science

They dissected sheep brains. They designed a soft-landing mechanism for an egg drop. They investigated the inner-workings of a computer. And that was just in the span of one day.

More than 250 area students from elementary to high school spanning seven school districts explored science, technology, engineering and math at Bloomsburg University’s annual The Great STEM Adventure Camps through a series of activities led by BU students, faculty and invited presenters.

“Introducing STEM at an early age is crucial for any student,” said Jennifer Momenzadeh, a graduate student who worked with Cindy Surmacz, professor of biological and allied health sciences, on biology lessons for the seventh- and eighth-graders. “I think having a general grasp on what the concepts can be like and realizing that, while it is hard work, the reward can be something incredibly fun.”