Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Leadership

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASTL)

Employers are constantly searching for professionals with expertise in their fields and supervisory skills needed to take charge of technical workgroups, project teams and service departments.

Bloomsburg University’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Technical Leadership program builds on the expertise you’ve gained from your associate degree program.

These courses add skills in areas such as business communication and collaboration, online team leadership, project management, staff training development, workplace diversity, accounting and budgets, intercultural communication, and conflict resolution.

Earn a bachelor’s with the leadership and supervisory skills employers seek when hiring and promoting!

BASTL affordable and flexible


This technical leadership program brings a BU bachelor’s degree to you at your local community college as well as the State System campus in Center City Philadelphia. Partner institutions include: Bucks County Community College, Community College of Philadelphia, Harrisburg Area Community College, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Northampton Community College and Reading Area Community College.

The message from employers is clear

There is a need for people who are skilled in their fields and have the ability to work effectively with their supervisors, colleagues and clients. It is a growing trend for technical, service and health care work to be conducted in teams and workgroups. In this rapidly-changing, globalized economy, companies seek technical professionals who are ready to assume leadership roles in project teams, workgroups and service departments. The Technical Leadership program provides the skills you will need to advance in your field, including:

  • Business Communication and Report Writing
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Project Management
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Instructional Design
  • eLearning Concepts
  • Conflict Management
  • Accounting for Supervisors
  • Website Development
  • Information and Technology Management Applications

BASTL Program Director

Carol Adukaitis, Ed.D.,
Greenly Center Room 210
50 E. Main St., Bloomsburg

Remote BASTL Coordinators

    Carol Adukaitis, Ed.D.,
    Lehigh Carbon Community College, Northampton Community College,
    Bucks Community College,
    State System @ Center City, Philadelphia

    Greenly Center Room 217
    50 E. Main St., Bloomsburg

    Georgette Brown, M.Ed.,
    HACC Welcome Center, Cooper 218D
    Reading Community College, Berks Hall


A flexible program to complete your bachelor’s degree

Graduates of A.A.S. and other technical and service-related associate degree programs enter the Technical Leadership program as juniors. Working technical and service professionals with an associate degree enter the Technical Leadership degree program as juniors.

Students near the end of their associate degree program may dual-enroll and start Technical Leadership degree courses while completing their associate degree. Working technical and service professionals without an associate degree may complete their associate degree part-time at one of our partner community colleges and then transfer seamlessly into the Technical Leadership degree program.

Or ... get a jump-start!

High school and CTC school students may often dual-enroll during their junior and senior years, enter a technical or service-related associate degree program (sometimes with up to a full semester of college completed), then transfer seamlessly into the Technical Leadership program.

Degree opens new opportunities

BASTL opens door to new opportunity

"The (BASTL) degree makes you a well-rounded leader, because you get into accounting and management and other technical skills that you experience everywhere,’’ Esteffani Alcantra said. “As a single mother of one and a full-time employee, the ability to take online courses and satisfy the Bloomsburg curriculum at RACC was definitely a determining factor.’’

Braun B. Medical

BASTL graduate joins B. Braun Medical

Ashley Solderitz joins B. Braun Medical Inc. as a production supervisor for the Specialty Products Manufacturing Department. Along with Production Supervisor Michael Greer and Controls Engineer Aaron Krock, Solderitz is now the third BASTL graduate to be employed by B. Braun Medical. Led by General Manager Rex Boland.

Race fans BASTL

Race fan’s BASTL helps rev up career

“I see a lot of job postings and the requirements always start with the need for a degree,’’ said Jaime Juan Guerrero, who is in the process of interviewing with a number of automotive manufacturing facilities. “It’s a great program that works well with the classes offered at HACC or Dixon and online. They are set up so even if you have a full-time job or a family, you have enough time for everything. Before when companies learned I didn’t have a bachelors I didn’t make it past the first stage, but now that I almost have my degree companies are looking at me.’’

Professional Pilot

BASTL helps selector reach for the skies

“I look at the BASTL program as beneficial, both in case I ever pursue a career outside aviation as well as giving me management skills that will help me if I become (an airline) captain at some point,’’ said Adam J. Campbell, who earned his BASTL degree in December 2017. “As a captain, I’ll be the leader of the whole crew, and I think the skills I learned in the BASTL program will help me manage everyone on the plane more effectively.’’