Apply Now to BU

Apply Now to BU

Freshmen Applicants

Freshman Online Application! (Spring and Fall 2014)

Transfer Applicants

Students who have been enrolled at a college or university and have a high school diploma or GED must apply as transfer students. Students who were once enrolled at Bloomsburg University as a degree-seeking student should not fill out this application. You must complete the readmission application. Transfer students interested in applying for Spring and Fall 2014 semesters may use our Paper Application or Apply Online Now!

Readmission Applicants

Students who were enrolled as a degree-seeking student at Bloomsburg University but withdraw or fail to enroll for any academic semester must apply as readmit students.

Readmission Application

Second Degree Applicants

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree at any college/university, including Bloomsburg University, must apply as second degree students.

If you are applying to the nursing program, you can only apply for a fall semester, not for the spring or summer.
Second Degree Application

International Undergraduate Applicants

Students who are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States should apply as international students.

International Undergraduate Application | Additional Information

Graduate Applicants

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree and wish to enroll in one of our master's or doctoral degree programs should apply as grad students.

Graduate School Information

Non-degree Applicants

Students who wish to have the opportunity to take courses at Bloomsburg University but who are not working towards a degree should apply as non-degree students. See our non-degree programs website to determine which category you should apply for.

Non-degree Application

ACE Applicants

Students attending high school who wish to take courses at Bloomsburg University prior to completing their high school graduation requirements should apply as non-degree ACE students.

ACE Online Application | ACE Application (.pdf)