Unleash your Inner Husky

Unleash your Inner Husky

We are Huskies. We believe in working hard to make our dreams become a reality. At Bloomsburg University, being a Husky is about striving to be the best ... in the classroom, in your community and in your career. And each experience contributes to our learning and community involvement. With more than 50 undergraduate degrees, BU is putting success within the reach of more than 10,000 students.

After reading Ben Carson’s Gifted Hands, I knew that being a surgeon was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I knew I had the drive and the skills for it as well. To be a surgeon, you must be patient, determined, and brave, have excellent hand-eye coordination, and have an extensive ability for empathy.

Future Husky

I applied to 20 schools, and Bloomsburg was the one that resonated with me the most. It felt like home.

Here I meet and talk with my professors one-on- one and they know me and my interests. I am the person who goes to office hours regularly and stays after class to ask the professor about their projects.

Because my professors know me, they’ve helped me land internships at medical schools and medical centers. Recently, I had an incredible experience shadowing at Geisinger Medical Center thanks to my biology professor Cynthia Surmacz. At Geisinger, I saw many departments and the experience dispelled some of my previous notions about medicine.

Everything I have done that brings me closer to my field of interest, medicine, is due to my professor’s insight and knowledge of opportunities that would fit me. I would not even know the first step to take to reach medical school if it weren’t for the exceptional guidance of my science professors at Bloomsburg.