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Brian C. Johnson Brian C. Johnson, academic advisor and part-time Act 101 program coordinator, latest book, "Glee and New Directions for Social Change" follows students at fictional McKinley High School and home to the glee club, New Directions. The group is made up of freaks and geeks who feel the wrath of being “different.” The cool kids are hell bent on making life difficult for the students in glee club. Yet, because of the determination the club’s advisor, along with a few great songs, Glee has brought a new tone of inclusion to modern television and direct parallels between the experiences of the show choir members and what is happening in contemporary society.

Faith Warner

Faith Warner, Ph.D., professor of anthropology, had two contributions published in Disasters in Field Research: Preparing for and Coping with Unexpected Events by Gillian Ice, Darna Dufour, and Nancy Stevens, by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2015. Warner’s contributions entitled Thank you Dengue and War, Vulnerability, and Common Ground address health, safety, and security challenges she encountered while conducting long-term participant observation with Q’eqchi’ and K’iche’ Maya communities in a United Nations refugee camp in southern Mexico.