TRiO Updates

TRiO Updates

Priority Scheduling Policy

The following policy is now (spring 2010) in effect for ALL students enrolled in TRiO Student Support Services. Each element of the policy must be followed to ensure access to priority scheduling each semester.

  • Each TRiO SSS student MUST complete their semester goal plan no later than the fourth Friday of each semester. TRiO SSS will remind students via email alerts and office postings of the deadline date for goal completion.
  • EACH TRIO SSS student who has declared a major MUST meet with their advisor of record to obtain a list of recommended courses for the subsequent semester. Students who have met with their advisor may schedule an appointment for priority scheduling in TRiO SSS.
  • Students are encouraged to use the TRiO SSS Scheduling Form to present to their advisor of record. Forms are available in the TRiO office or can be accessed online at the “Forms” link.
  • Undeclared TRiO SSS students who have completed their semester goal plan may schedule appointments with their TRiO advisor during priority scheduling dates determined each semester by the program director. Students will be reminded by e-mail and office postings.

As of January 2010 - TRiO SSS Enrollment Requirements

All TRiO SSS students must meet the following requirements each semester

  • Meet with a staff member to complete semester goals (Individual Academic Strategy) during the first 30 days of each semester to activate enrollment.
  • Schedule tutoring appointments as needed or suggested by SSS staff. Tutoring begins the third week of the semester.
  • Attend all scheduled appointments and workshops with staff and tutors. Adhere to all TRiO SSS policies, including academic probation policies, tutorial policies, etc.

All SSS students may apply for a TRiO Scholarship. To apply for this scholarship the student must have activated their SSS enrollment AND first year or an academic probation students must have attended required workshops, met with an SSS staff member on a weekly or monthly basis and utilized tutorial services.

First Year Students

Newly enrolled First Year students will meet with an SSS staff member on a monthly basis (aside from scheduled tutoring) and attend a minimum of two SSS sponsored workshops during their first semester. All new students will be enrolled for a one year probationary period. At that time, each new student will be evaluated to determine if they have met the above requirements for permanent status. A student will be dismissed from the program after the one year probationary period, if it is determined that the above requirements were not met. A student can reapply at a later time but is not guaranteed re-enrollment.

At Risk Students

Students are considered at risk if their GPA is 2.5 or lower, they are on Academic Probation, or have been dismissed/reinstated. These students must adhere to the following policy. Students who are attaining a GPA of 2.5 or lower during a semester are required to meet with an SSS staff member a minimum of once a month (aside from scheduled tutoring). Students who are on Academic Probation or were dismissed/reinstated are required to meet with an SSS staff member weekly (aside from scheduled tutoring) and attend a minimum of three SSS sponsored workshops.

SSS Three Strike Policy

TRiO Student Support Services will impose the following consequences for Tutoring NO SHOWS and LATE CANCELLATIONS now referred to as the "SSS Three Strike Policy."

  • No Show - student did not show up for scheduled tutoring appointment (day or evening) and did not cancel the evening appointment by 3 p.m. on the day of the scheduled appointment.
  • Late Cancellation - student calls after 3:00 pm to cancel evening tutoring appointment scheduled for that day.

Cancellations must be made no later than 3 p.m. on the day of the scheduled evening tutoring appointment.

  • “1st strike” - First NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION. Student will be notified by mail indicating they have a “1st strike” in the SSS Three Strike Policy.
  • “2nd strike” - Second NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION. Student will be notified by mail regarding their “2nd strike” and are required to meet with the SSS director or assistant director before scheduling additional tutoring. The director or assistant director will assess student’s intent to actively participant in the SSS tutoring program.
  • “3rd strike” - Third NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION. Student will be notified by mail that he/she is ineligible to utilize SSS tutoring until the next semester.

If a student cancels three scheduled tutoring appointments, even before 3 p.m., that student will receive a strike. This includes daytime tutoring appointments with TRiO staff and evening appointments with TRiO tutors.