Diversity and Kinship Literacy Play

Diversity and Kinship Literacy Play

Diversity Literacy Play


Verdi (Cannon)
Wilifred Gordon McDonald Partridge (Fox)
The Grandma Book (Parr)
The Grandpa Book (Parr)
Our Grandparents: A Global Album (Ajmira)
Cloudette (Litchenheld)


My People (Hughes)
The Other Side (Woodson)
The Crayon Box that Talked (DeRolf)
Crossing Bok Chitto (Tingle/Bridges)
The Keeping Quilt (Polacco)
People (Spier)
One World, One Day (Kerley)
It’s OK to Be Different (Parr)


Silent Music: A Story of Baghdad (Rumford)
Yum! Yuck! (Park)
My Name is Yoon (Recorvits)
Oliver Button is a Sissy (de Paola)
The Paper Bag Princess (Munsch)
Can You Say Peace? (Katz)


Oliver Button is a Sissy (de Paola)
The Paper Bag Princess (Munsch)


The Black Book of Colors (Cottin)
Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism (Lears)
Someone Special, Just Like You(Brown/Morris)

Socioeconomic Status

Fly Away Home(Bunting)
A Day’s Work (Bunting)
The Rag Coat (Mills)

Family Structure

And Tango Makes Three (Richardson)
Over the Moon (Katz)
Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs (de Paolo)
The Family Book (Parr)
We Belong Together (Parr)
The Mommy Book (Parr)
The Daddy Book (Parr)
Little Pink Pup (Kerby)

Kinship Literacy Play

Strengths of Wisdom

(Curiosity, Love of Learning, Creativitiy, Open-mindedness, Perspective)

Inch by Inch(Lionni)
Tillie and the Wall (Lionni)
Seven Blind Mice (Young)
Duck Rabbit (Rosenthal)
Willow (Brennan-Nelson)
Harold and the Purple Crayon (Johnson)
Not a Box(Portis)
Inside Mouse, Outside Mouse (George)
Chalk! (Thomson)
The Book with a Hole in It (Tullet)

Strengths of Courage

(Authenticity, Bravery, Persistence, Zest)

Courage (Waber)
Henry’s Freedom Box (Levine)
One (Otoshi)
A Bad Case of Stripes (Shannon)
The Story of Ferdinand (Leaf)
Katy and the Big Snow (Burton)
Buzzy the Bumblebee (Brennan-Nelson)

Strengths of Humanity

(Kindness, Love, Social Intelligence)

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse (Lionni)
Frederick (Lionni)
The Giving Tree (Silverstein)
Frog and Toad are Friends (Lobel)
Elelphant & Piggie (Willems, 16 books)

Strengths of Justice

(Fairness, Leadership, Teamwork)

The Little Blue Truck (Schertle)
Swimmy (Lionni)
Tico and the Golden Wings (Lionni)
Baseball Saved Us (Mochizuki)
Little Red Hen (Galdone)

Strengths of Prudence

(Forgiveness/Mercy, Modesty/Humility, Self-regulation)

Crickwing (Cannon)
Perfect Square (Hall)
The Story of Ruby Bridges (Coles)

Strengths of Transcendence

(Appreciation of beauty/excellence, Gratitude, Hope, Humor, Religiousness/Spirituality)

Miss Rumphius(Cooney)
Sadako (Coerr)
The Kapok Tree (Cherry)