BU Toy Library

Toy Library Language and Literacy Resource

BU Toy Library

1247 McCormick Center for Human Services
Hours of operation vary by semester.
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Mary Katherine Duncan, Ph.D.

Located on campus, the BU Toy Library is the first-of-its-kind play and literacy resource center in Central Pennsylvania. The BU Toy Library serves professionals and paraprofessionals within our community as well as Bloomsburg University faculty, staff and students who are engaged in activities such as, but not limited to:

  • volunteer work
  • service learning
  • internship and practicum
  • teaching
  • clinical work


To be a premiere language and literacy resource center for members of Bloomsburg University and the local community who work with individuals across the lifespan.


To advance the academic and professional development of members of Bloomsburg University and the local community by providing access to a comprehensive selection of books, toys, reference materials, training opportunities, and other resources.