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Congrats Class of 2018!

“We're sending you into a world in desperate need of folks who can think outside the box, who can wrestle solutions to increasingly complex problems from a blending of knowledge, understanding and insight into the different arenas of thought,” — Judge Mary Jane Bowes

“Your degree from Bloomsburg has prepared you for today’s landscape - but more importantly - you are prepared to continue your learning and to evolve,” — Nancy Vasta ’97 ‘99M

“As new graduates, now is the time to get to work and start zigging. When others zig with you, zag to find your fortune - to bring you where you are destined to be - at the intersection of talent and opportunity,” — Edward J. Breiner ’77

Spring Commencement

Family ties, research lay foundation for possible teaching future

Heading to this spring’s American Association of Geographers annual meeting Owen Wickenheiser didn’t expect to see a familiar face among the 7,000-plus geographers and researchers on location in New Orleans. But he did … his mother, who was among those presenting.

“My parents have always been very supportive of my educational aspirations,” said Wickenheiser, a senior environmental geoscience major, who himself presented collaborative research at the meeting. “Having a professor as a parent was very helpful when I first started college.”

Owen Wickenheiser

Math major weighs grad options, job opportunity

Chase Sakitis’s childhood passion has led to — not one but three — post-graduation options. The graduating Bloomsburg University mathematics major will have a choice between a master’s program in statistics at Binghamton University, a doctorate program in statistics at North Carolina State University, as well as a full-time job opportunity back home in Bethlehem.

“I chose mathematics, because it was a subject I excelled at throughout my school career,” Sakitis said. “Solving math equations or proving theories were like solving puzzles to me. I want to work with students at the college level, because it’s a critical time in a person’s life. I want to be able to help people at this age while teaching a subject I love.”

Chase Sakitis

Fourth graduating class of STEM Magnet students honored

Bloomsburg University recently recognized the fourth graduating class of STEM Magnet students at a reception on campus. This year 29 high school seniors from 14 regional high schools were recognized for their achievements in engineering, health sciences, technology, and education courses taken for two years at BU. At the ceremony seven of the students announced their intentions to attend BU to major in nursing, biology, speech-language pathology and audiology, psychology, and digital forensics.

In addition, four of the students have been awarded BU scholarships: Emily Zerbe, BOG Scholarship, PLP Scholarship, Amber Zurewich – Academic Success Scholarship; Bryce Sneidman – Academic Excellence Scholarship, PLP Scholarship; and Faith Templeton – BOG’s Science and Technology Scholarship, PLP Scholarship.

STEM Magnet Program

Music professor gets media attention in China

Amelia Garbisch, assistant professor of music, spent five days in April teaching elementary music education pedagogy in Shanghai and Hangzhou, China. While there, the Chinese equivalent of Classical Billboard magazine covered her visit for both print and television stories.

Garbisch’s student-centered methodology is in contrast to traditional Chinese teacher-centered classrooms. She has been invited to return to China to teach next year. China is one of the world’s largest markets for classical music, instruments and instruction.

Music Professor

Campus Construction Activity

Campus maps show the facilities planning and construction project sites for 2018. The intent of the general map is to identify the locations and dates that will be affected, as well as identify the project. As always, some projects will affect pedestrian and vehicular movements more than others. Those projects will be supplemented with additional phasing and traffic plans. As projects progress, larger more detailed maps will be provided as needed to communicate details in advance of the changes.

Campus Construction Projects

Combating Email Phishing

Over the past several years Bloomsburg University and most other universities have been fighting a battle with email phishing attacks. These attacks come in the form of deceptive emails that lure the user into accessing a fake web site that may appear to look exactly like one of the universities’ web pages. The goal of this deception is to obtain the users account and password. Once the account and password have been obtained it’s possible for the perpetrator to access anything the use has remote access to, or use the university email system to send email messages.

Email Phishing

Employee of the Month

Brad Swenson from the Academic Advisement Center has been named the Employee of the Month for May. EOM recognizes those individuals who serve BU in an exceptional manner with outstanding service through his or her work and a positive and supportive attitude. Swenson was nominated by Bob Heckrote from the Office of Military and Veterans Resources.

“Brad is constantly sought for his expertise in general education, strategic planning considerations, summer freshmen, and I personally have consulted almost every aspect of BU’s progress with military initiatives with him. Brad plays such a vital role at this university that I cringe at the thought of him ever leaving. Students and professionals alike seek out Brad when they need help. When students talk with their friends, they say, “If you’re having an issue, go see Brad.”

Employee of the Month


Faculty Scholarship

Michael Shepard, Ph.D., professor and chair, environmental, geographical, and geological sciences, recently had a new paper, "A Revised Shape Model of Asteroid (216) Kleopatra," accepted for publication in Icarus, the International Journal of Solar System Studies. A figure from this paper will be the cover for the upcoming September issue. Kleopatra is a large M-class, or metallic asteroid, and unusual because it is shaped like a dumbbell. It is also a potential spacecraft target in the next decade.

Lam Nguyen

Lam Nguyen, Ph.D., professor of management and international nusiness, and Mariam Sarkessian, a former BU Honors Program student and a management major, have their coauthored paper entitled “Student’s Perception on Business Ethics: An Investigation of French Students based on Gender, Age, and Education.” accepted for publication in the May 2018 Issue of SAM Advanced Management Journal. This research was completed as part of the student’s study abroad experience in France and has received recognition at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference.