Kryterion Certification Exams

Kryterion Certification Exams


Test Taker Instructions

Taking a certification exam can often be an exciting and yet anxious experience. At a High-stakes Online Secured Testing Location (HOST Location), we want you to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Below is an overview of what to expect as you advance through this process:

  • During your certification registration process you are asked to select a HOST Location in your area as well as a date and time for your test session.
  • Once your registration and scheduling is complete, you will receive an email confirmation, which includes the details of your registration, including your Test Taker Authorization Code which you will need to bring with you to the HOST Location. The email also includes the HOST Location address and the date and time of your test session. If you need to make any changes to your test session schedule, you should contact your Test Sponsor.
  • When you arrive at the HOST Location for your test session, present your proctor with the Test Taker Authorization Code you received in your registration confirmation email.
  • You are required to bring two forms of identification with you to the HOST Location, which your proctor verifies and records. The proctor hands you a document to read in the waiting room while they load your exam in the testing area. This document prepares you for your test session.
  • Once your test has loaded, your proctor shows you where the restrooms are, stores your personal belongings in a secure compartment, provides you with any test aids permitted by your Test Sponsor, and answers any test session questions you may have.
  • You may then begin your test. The test engine provides you with detailed instructions on how to take the exam and walks you through each step of the process.
  • When finished, you are prompted to notify your proctor that you have completed the test. The proctor will then close your test session.
  • For most certifications, feedback and results are sent to you via email shortly after the submission of your exam. In some cases, your results are sent to you via postal mail by the Test Sponsor.

Test Taker Questions

How do I schedule an exam session?
During the registration process, you select the HOST Location where you would like to take your exam and a date and time for your test session.

How can I find a HOST Location?
From a drop-down menu, you can view and select the HOST Locations in your area.

Can I cancel and/or reschedule my test appointment?
Yes, simply contact your Test Sponsor to make new arrangements. A rescheduling fee may apply.

What type of identification must I bring to the test center?
In order to be admitted for testing, you must have two forms of identification; one must be a photo ID.

What are acceptable forms of identification?
Acceptable forms of photo ID include: State issued driver's license, passport, military identification, an employee identification card or a student picture ID from an accredited college or university. The following forms of non-photo ID are acceptable: credit card, check cashing card or a bank debit card. A social security card is not an acceptable form of identification.

Can I keep my belongings with me during the test session?
Your personal items may not be accessed during the test session. Personal items include: bags, wallets, purses, briefcases, watches, books, beepers, cell phones, palm pilots and calculators. You should, however, keep your identification with you at all times.

May I bring food or drinks into the testing room?
No, tobacco products, food, drink, and chewing gum are not allowed in the testing area.

Do you provide accommodations for Test Takers with special needs?
All of our HOST Locations are required to abide by federal and local laws that require reasonable accommodations for an individual with a disability in job-related test situations (i.e. The American Disabilities Act). If you have a special need, please contact your Test Sponsor to register for your exam. You may be required to submit a form that identifies your limitations and the supportive resource you are requesting. If the accommodation is approved, you Test Sponsor will notify KRYTERION who will make special arrangements at the HOST Location closest to you.

When will I receive my score reports?
The Test Sponsor determines when the score report is available to the Test Taker. Feedback and results are often available immediately upon the submission of an exam.

How can I check the status of my certification?
For most certifications, you can view and print your personal transcript at any time. To ensure the Test Taker's privacy, this is a password-protected area and function. Check with your Test Sponsor for further details