Windows 8 Wireless Instructions

Windows 8 Wireless Instructions

You must have the following to be able to access the network:

  • A computer/tablet running Windows 8
  • An 802.11A/G/N wireless (wifi) adapter
  • A Faculty/Staff/Student university account
  1. Begin by clicking on the wireless icon in your taskbar, pictured to the left of the sound icon. If you can't find it, you can also find this icon in the Settings menu.
  2. A list of available wireless networks will appear. Locate the one that says "bloomu". Be sure you do not accidentally use "bloomu-guest".
  3. Click the "bloomu" network, be sure that "Connect automatically" is checked, and then click the "Connect" button to continue.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. If you are a student, enter your HuskyID (full email address) for your username, followed by your password. If you are a faculty/staff member, enter your username, followed by your password. Click OK to connect.
  5. A message will appear regarding the server's identity and certificate. As long as you are on campus, it is safe to click "Connect". If you have ever chosen "Don't connect", you will not be able to connect without following the process at the end of this page.
  6. It will now verify and connect.
  7. You are now connected and will now see that "bloomu" is now listed as "Connected" in the list of available wireless networks.

Faculty and Staff Only: You should be ready to use the campus network and internet. Go ahead and load up your Internet Web Browser and test the connection

Students: All BU students are required to register their computer prior to gaining access to our network be compliant with the University's network standards. To expedite the registration process, have your HuskyID and current password available. You also MUST have an up-to-date supported virus scanner. If you do not own a registered version of a virus scanner, the University will provide you with a licensed copy upon your arrival (Please note, Trial versions will not be accepted by the registration process. You must have a fully functional virus scanner to continue with registration). Furthermore,Windows must have all critical updates and service packs installed, which can be obtained from the Windows Update web site. You will not gain access to the campus network until all steps of the registration process are accomplished. Once you authenticate successfully and connect to the bloomu network, when you attempt to load a web page in your web browser, you will be redirected to the registration site. If you are not automatically redirected, go to the Registration page directly.

If you are still having trouble connecting to the "bloomu" wireless with Windows 8:

  1. If you've ever connected to the "bloomu-guest" network, your computer may be automatically connecting to "bloomu-guest" instead of "bloomu". Right click "bloomu-guest" from the list of available wireless networks and click on "Forget this network" if you have the option. If you don't see the option, it just means you have not set your computer to automatically connect to "bloomu-guest", so this resolution does not apply to you.
  2. If you've ever chosen "Don't Connect" when prompted about the server's identity / certificate, to make sure windows is not remembering that answer, right click on the "bloomu" network and choose "Forget this network" and then start connecting again and be sure to answer "Connect" when you are prompted about the server's identity/certificate.
  3. If you have entered your username and password very slowly, odds are the wireless server is not accepting your credentials even if you typed them in correctly. Try submitting your username and password within 30 seconds to be sure this isn't the issue you are running into. If you are slower than average at typing, it is suggested that you open up a word processing document (such as notepad, wordpad, or Microsoft Word) and type in your username, then copy the information to your clipboard and paste it into the username dialog box as soon as it comes up to connect to the wireless. Then you just have to type in your password and submit it within 30 total seconds.
  4. Be extra careful when typing in your password to be sure any uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and/or symbols you have in your password are being entered correctly. You may also want to verify your password is what you think it is by logging into a different system [from another computer since you don't have internet access yet]. A good system to try is the Remote Access Service at Be sure to choose Student or Faculty/Staff correctly before logging in.