Ubuntu Wireless Instructions

Ubuntu Wireless Instructions

You must have the following to be able to access the network:

  • A computer running Ubuntu Linux 10.x or later
  • An 802.11A/G/N wireless (wifi) adapter
  • A Faculty/Staff/Student university account

Click on the wireless icon in the top right of your task bar and select the "bloomu" network. It will open a box similar to the one below.

Change all of your settings to match those as shown in the screenshot below:
Wireless security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Anonymous identity: FacStaff Username (i.e. jsmith) OR Student HuskyID (i.e. abc12345@huskies.bloomu.edu)
CA certificate: (None)
PEAP version: Automatic
Inner authentication: MSCHAPv2
Username: FacStaff Username (i.e. jsmith) OR Student HuskyID (i.e. abc12345@huskies.bloomu.edu)
Password: YourPassword
After verifying the options, click “Connect” to continue.

You might receive a message prompting you about a Certificate Authority certificate. Put a check in the box “Don’t warn me again” and click “Ignore” to finish connecting to the wireless network.

A box should appear indicating that you have successfully connected.

Faculty and Staff Only: You should be ready to use the campus network and internet. Go ahead and load up your Internet Web Browser and test the connection

Students: All BU students are required to register their computer prior to gaining access to our network be compliant with the University's network standards. To expedite the registration process, have your HuskyID and current password available. You will not gain access to the campus network until all steps of the registration process are accomplished. Once you authenticate successfully and connect to the bloomu network, when you attempt to load a web page in your web browser, you will be redirected to the registration site. If you are not automatically redirected, go to the Registration page directly.