Student Email - Office 365

Student Email - Office 365

General Information

University policy requires students to use and maintain their university email account as it is an official means of communication. Students are not allowed to forward their university mail to another account. Doing so makes your email susceptible to your other account's spam filter and does not guarantee you will receive your email.

To log in to your BU Office 365 student email account:

  • Point your web browser to (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari recommended).
  • Click on the "Log on as Student (" link.
  • Enter Your HuskyID and HuskyID password into the HuskyID Single Sign-On page.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Configure a mobile device or email software for Office365 email.

Student HuskyID and Password Information

Other Office365 Applications

  • Your Office365 account currently also gives you access to Microsoft’s cloud-based OneDrive as well as Office Web Apps, which can be accessed through the App Drawer in the upper left corner of your student email account webmail.
  • Office Web Apps are web-based basic versions of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Files are automatically saved directly to your OneDrive.
  • For more information and a walkthrough for accessing these additional Office365 offerings for the first time, please see the Introduction to Office365 Office Web Apps and OneDrive.