Test Samples

Test Samples

Here is a list of the Output samples, without the Scanning Request Form. Click the desired staistic below to view an example of the printed output. If you encounter any problems or have any questions please visit our FAQ page for assistance.

101 Student Statistics Report

The Student Statistics Report provides the scores for all students in the class. Students are listed down the left side of the report, and then the grade, number correct, the number incorrect and the number missing are listed for each student.

103 Class Frequency Distribution Report

The Class Frequency Distribution displays the breakdown of scores for an entire class.

104 Test Statistics Report

This report provides basic statistical information of the overall test (i.e. Mean, Median, Kuder-Richardson Formula).

105 Student Response Report

The Student Response Report provides a class view of all test responses by student and by question.

201 Detailed Item Analysis Report

This report gives a detailed display of the class' responses to each question.

203 Item Analysis Graph Report

This report is a simplified version of the Detailed Item Statistics Report. It contains the most number of responses per sheet of the three Item Analysis types, but less information.

204 Condensed Item Analysis Report

This report uses the same information as the Detailed Item Analysis Report, but condenses it into horizontal bar graphs.

207 Test Item Statistics Report

This report displays descriptive statistics for each question on the test, along with the Point Biserial and the P-value.

301A Grade Report - Continuous

This report displays the students name or BU ID along with their grade, total score, and percentage. It also contains the questions they missed, their response to the question and the correct answer.

301B Grade Report - Sheet Per Student

This report contains the same information as 301A except each student is printed on a separate sheet of paper. This increases the amount of paper you will receive but is ideal for professors who like to hand the test results to their students.

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