Microsoft Software Support

Microsoft Software Support

Every university computer comes installed with a full suite of Microsoft Office software. You will find these listed under the Start menu. Click on Start; choose Desktop Software and you will see the following choices: Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, Visio.

Tutorials and Reference Tools

Setup - automatically save files to your P drive

To always save documents to your P drive, change the "default save location" so your "save as" window is always pointing to the P drive. Follow these steps:

  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint 2010 ~ Open software. Click File.
  • Click on Options button for whatever application you are in (Word Options, Excel Options, Powerpoint Options).
  • Click the Save heading on the left. Under "default save location" select the drive you want to save documents to P:

Tips to research on your own!

  • Visit the Help feature within the software program you are using. Click on the blue ? icon in the top bar of whatever program you are using. This will open the Help feature. Many help topics will appear. In addition, you may enter your own search words to do in-depth searching.
  • Visit the Microsoft assistance webpage which also offers many useful tutorials and articles at ~ you will see all the Microsoft products listed under "Browse Assistance." Choose the software you wish to research and begin exploring!
  • Visit the HP Learning Center Online! Create an account, search class offerings, enroll in desired class(es) and follow self-paced lessons.