Laptops and Projectors

Laptops and Projectors

Equipment Details

  • Each computer is configured with the standard complement of university software including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Each computer is provided with carrying case, power supply, and basic instruction sheet.


  • Employees may sign out a laptop computer and/or data/video projector for use at an on- or off-campus location to support the instructional, administrative, or public relations processes of the institution.
  • Employees may sign out a laptop computer and/or data/video projector for short-term use (seven business days maximum) to: make presentations at conferences or seminars; for record-keeping or writing related to an accreditation visit or other administrative function; for a business/industry visit or other similar function as a representative of the University.
  • Laptops are not intended for long-term use, personal use by employees completing academic degree work, personal use by employees on vacation or sabbatical, for long-term curriculum writing or revision projects, to deliver online course work, for extended home-based work projects, or as a substitute for the purchase of a personal computer.
  • Laptop computer and/or data/video projector loans are limited to seven business days maximum. Requests in excess of 7 days require special authorization of the Executive Director of Media and Performing Arts Facilities. These exceptions will never exceed one calendar month and will not be granted more than one time per user per academic year.
  • All requests are subject to the approval of IMS professional staff and the availability of the desired equipment.
  • In the event of shortages of equipment, the following priorities will be considered:
    • Administrative use connected to the operation of the institution
    • Presentation being made to an on- or off-campus group
    • Business/industry or recruiting visits
    • Short-term curriculum development projects
  • Users with long term equipment needs should purchase dedicated equipment with department or personal funds.

Terms and Conditions

  • The borrower must be a current employee of Bloomsburg University, The Bloomsburg University Foundation, or The Community Government Association.
  • The borrower understands that if the equipment is not returned in a timely manner, it may be remotely disabled.