Technical Leadership: Students and Recent Graduates

Technical Leadership: Students and Recent Graduates

Technical Leadership

BASTL Program Director

    Vincent J. Basile, M.S.
    Dept. of Instructional Technology
    204 Sutliff Hall
    Mobile: 570-204-6901
    Office: 570-389-4506

    The message from employers is clear ... there is a need for people who are technically skilled in their fields and have the ability to work effectively with their supervisors, colleagues and clients. More and more technical work is being performed — not individually — but in rapidly changing project teams and workgroups.

      “For the people who get into [their field] because they don’t like to work with other people, the reality of the job may come as a surprise. How do you get your brilliant design built if you can’t explain what you need? If you alienate your client, how do you get more work? Business relationships still come down to human beings conducting the relationship — and it’s important to have an understanding of how we tick.” (1)

    Excellent transfer of credits — Up to 60 credits from your A.A.S. degree will transfer into the Technical Leadership BAS degree program, making it a logical choice to continue your education and your career.

    Full-time and part-time options — The Technical Leadership program is designed for either full-time or part-time coursework. You have the ability to continue through the program on a full-time basis or switch to part-time coursework if your work situation changes.

    A strong connection to industry — An advisory board of professionals from different fields will provide program guidance and interact with students in our unique capstone course

    (1) Leadership development in a technical field, by S. J. English., Larsen Design Group Blog