PRAXIS Examinations for Special Education

PRAXIS Examinations for Special Education

Reference to THE PRAXIS SERIES/Professional Assessments for Beginning Teachers. Bloomsburg University must be identified as score recipient code #2646 when students register for PRAXIS tests.

Administered and advised at both the bachelor's and master's levels by the Department of Exceptionality Programs within the College of Education.

Leads to PA Certification #61-9225 Special Education N-6

1) Students must take these PRAXIS I Tests before 48 credits, while in PTE major and/or before admission to teacher education program.

Qualifying Scores

  • 10710 or Computerized 5710 Pre-Professional Skills Test: Reading (former Communication) 172 (*)
  • 10720 or Computerized 5720 Pre-Professional Skills Test: Writing (former Communication) 173 (*)
  • 10730 or Computerized 5730 Pre-Professional Skills Test: Mathematics (former Gen Knowledge) 173 (*)

2) Students must take PRAXIS II subject assessments/specialty area tests.

  • 30511 Fundamental Subjects: Content knowledge 150 (may vary according to student GPA)
  • 20354 Special Education: Core knowledge and Applications 151 (may vary according to student GPA)

3) During the student teaching course, form PDE 430, Pennsylvania Statewide Evaluation Form for Student Professional Knowledge and Practice, will be completed by the BU faculty supervisor on each student teacher (effective 9/1/03)(*)

Dual: special education and elementary education leads to PA certifications in #61-9225 Special Education N-6 AND #61-2810 Elementary K-6

Students take all five PRAXIS tests above, plus:

  • 10011 Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (effective 9/1/99) 168

(*) Test Replaced: The PA Department of Education will recognize a qualifying score of any test identified as replaced for a period of five years from the date of the test administration, if the test administration is prior to the date it was replaced.

The following core battery tests were replaced:

  • As of 9/1/00: 20500 Communication Skills (QS 646) was replaced by 10710 or 5710 PPST Reading, 20720 or 5720 PPST Writing. Computerized versions are accepted by PA with tests taken on or after 1/16/02.
  • As of 9/1/00: 10510 General Knowledge (QS 644) was replaced by 10730 or 5730 PPST Mathematics and, for any K-6 or K-12 certificates by 30511 Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge.
  • As of 9/1/02: then extended to 9/1/03: 10014 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (QS 142) was replaced by 30511 Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge.
  • As of 9/1/03: if student teaching course was completed after 9/1/03, 30522 Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) K-6 (QS 167) and/or 30524 PLT 7-12 (QS 167) were replaced by form PDE 430 that faculty will complete to evaluate the student teacher during the course. Those who finished the student teaching course before 9/1/03 must take PLT K-6 or 7-12, as appropriate, OR repeat the student teaching course.

(**) Score Replaced: If a qualifying score changes on an existing test, the qualifying score in effect for PA on the date the certification application reaches PDE is the score that applies. For example, PA often sets no qualifying score (NQS) for the first year the test is used, after which a qualifying score (QS) is established.

If the student applies for certification after the NQS is removed for PA, the student must obtain the QS in effect for PA at the time certification application reaches application reaches PDE.