Faculty Officers & Membership

Faculty Officers & Membership

2013-2014 Faculty Officers

Marion Mason, President
2140 McCormick Center, phone 570-389-4910

Lisa Stallbaumer-Beishline, President-Elect
0132 Old Science Hall, phone 570-389-4979

Joan Miller, Vice President
3127 McCormick Center, phone 570-389-4608

Cynthia Surmacz, Secretary
268 Hartline Science Center, phone 570-389-4132

Eric Stouffer, Treasurer
2142 McCormick Center, phone 570-389-4473

Mary Katherine Duncan, Public Relations Officer
2142 McCormick Center, phone 570-389-4469

Current Faculty Membership

S. Ekema Agbaw, Ph.D., English
Thomas Aleto, Ph.D., Anthropology
Joseph P. Ardizzi, Ph.D., Biological & Allied Health Sciences
Kevin T. Ball, Ph.D., Psychology
Leo G. Barrile, Ph.D., Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
Noreen Chikotas, D.Ed., Nursing
Amy E. Covill, Ph.D., Psychology
James Dalton, Ph.D., Psychology
Denise Davidson, Ph.D., Education Studies and Secondary Education
Patricia Dorame-Holoviak, Ph.D., Languages and Cultures
Mary Katherine Duncan, Ph.D., Psychology
Heather Feldhaus, Ph.D., Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
Michelle Ficca, Ph.D., Nursing
Meredith Grimsley, Ph.D., Art and Art History
Steven D. Hales, Ph.D., Philosophy
Sheila, Q. Hartung, Ph.D., Nursing
Angela Hess, Ph.D., Biological and Allied Health Sciences
Michael Hickey, Ph.D., History
William Hudon, Ph.D., History
Scott Inch, Ph.D., Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D., Psychology
Jeanette Keith, Ph.D., History
Stephen Kokoska, Ph.D., Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics
Marion Mason, Ph.D., Psychology
Lori M. Metzger, Ph.D., Nursing
Joan F. Miller, Ph.D., Nursing
Mindi Miller, Ph.D., Nursing
Babak Mohassel, Ph.D., Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
Terrance Riley, Ph.D., English
Danny Robinson, Ph.D., English
Debra Sanders, Ph.D., Nursing
M. Safa Saracoglu, Ph.D., History
Michael K. Shepard, Ph.D., Environmental, Geographical, and Geological Sciences
Pamela A. Smith, Ph.D., Audiology and Speech Pathology
A. Blair Staley, D.B.A., Accounting
Lisa Stallbaumer-Beishline, Ph.D., History
Eric Stouffer, Ph.D., Pyschology
Cynthia A. Surmacz, Ph.D., Biological & Allied Health Sciences
Vera Viditz-Ward, MFA, Art and Art History
Stephen Whitworth, Ph.D., English
Dee Anne Wymer, Ph.D., Anthropology