Steven Si, professor of management

Steven Si, professor of management

Steven Si Steven Si, Ph.D., professor of management and international business, had two papers, “Factors influencing successor selection in China: an empirical analysis,” and, “Transformational and transactional leaderships, empowerment climate, and innovation performance: A multilevel analysis,” recently published in the volume 9, issue 3, 2011 of the Journal: Problems and Perspectives in Management and in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 21 (2), 2012 (SSCI Journal).

 European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
Si also has a manuscript, “Transformational and Transactional Leadership, Empowerment Climate, and Innovation: A Multi-Level Analysis in the Chinese Context” accepted for publication in European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. EJWOP is a SSCI management/business journal.

Scholarship 2011

February — Steven Si recently saw his published research, “Knowledge Transfer in International Ioint Ventures in Transitional Economies” generate 78 citations by other academics, according to the Harzing electronic system and Journal of Knowledge Management’s statistics.

This paper has originally published in AME (SSCI journal) in 1999 and republished in the book, Cross-Cultural Management, edited by Gordon Redding (INSEAD) in 2003 as one of the most influenced papers in the field.

Scholarship 2008

May — Steven Si, professor of management, has advised a dissertation in Doctoral of Business Administration at University of South Australia Graduate School of Business. This dissertation titled "A Contingent Model as A Prerequisite to Achieving Global Reach and Performance."

May — Steven Si will also publish a research paper entitled "The Effect of Organizational Psychological Contract Violation on Managers' Exit, Voice, Loyalty and Neglect in the Chinese Context" in the International Journal of Human Resource Management (SSCI journal). This paper was accepted in 2006.