Emergency Contracts

Emergency Contracts

Emergency Contracts are permissible when the Contracting Officer or his designee’s determines that there is a threat to public health, safety and welfare or circumstances outside the control of the University create an urgency of need which necessitates the suspension of normal bidding and review requirements.

When possible 2 bids should be secured. These do not have to be in writing. However, written determination of the basis for the emergency and for the selection of the contractor must be included in the contract file and sent in the form of a certification when the contract is submitted for legal review after the work is completed.

The following items are required for all Emergency Contracts:

  • Written Scope of Work
  • Contractor’s written documentation of its bid
  • Performance and Payment Bonds (if required)
  • Prevailing Wage Determination (if required)

Rev: 08/19/2011