Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

Why political science?

Our recent graduates have found work in government, whether for the Federal Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Philadelphia, as a legislative aide for a PA state senator, or for an interest group that attempts to influence our elected leaders. One of our former students was elected to the Bloomsburg Town Council and then was twice elected the Mayor of Bloomsburg. He became the youngest mayor in town history!

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Political Science

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Undergraduate Political Science Program

Our world is constantly changing. Political science provides students with an opportunity to study how the United States government and governments around the world make decisions that affect everyone on our planet.

At its core, we examine how decisions are made in government, who makes these decisions, and who benefits (and loses) from government policies. A degree in political science will provide students with critical thinking and writing skills necessary to navigate, understand, and even control the political world around us.

Neil Strine

Other Political Science graduates have chosen to pursue graduate school or law school. Our former students have been accepted to graduate and law schools such as Widener University, Penn State University, Penn State Dickinson School of Law, Drexel University, Drexel University Law School, Ohio University, Temple University, Roger Williams Law School, Northeastern, Duquesne, Texas A&M University, and Hamline University School of Law, among others. Our five permanent faculty members bring a wide-range of expertise and teaching excellence to our programs. Our faculty have specializations in American Politics, Constitutional Law, African Politics, Public Policy, European Politics, Asian Politics, Immigration, Information Technology and Politics, Political Theory, Human Rights, the United Nations, and Feminist Political Theory. We offer students the opportunity to specialize in the study of law and in public administration management. There are also many opportunities for students to learn through academic internships at the local, state, and national levels.

The Department of Political Science sponsors the Political Science Student Association (POSSA), Pi Sigma Alpha (The Political Science Honor Society), and the Bloomsburg University Forensics (Speech and Debate) Team for valuable experiences outside the classroom.

We invite you to join us in the study of politics and government.

  — Neil Strine, associate professor and department chair

Future law student lands Goorha research award

Prateek Goorha Research Award

Eric Petrozino, a senior political science major, was recently named the winner of the first-ever Prateek Goorha Research Methods Paper Award, given to the student with the best research paper among those taking Political Science Research.

Petrozino researched, “We the People and the Supreme Court: Determining the Effects of Public Opinion on Court Decisions in the 21st Century.” According to his research, there remains skepticism over how democratic the practice of unelected justices receiving life tenure really is. But this strategy was one carefully debated and compelled by the framers of the Constitution to ensure that Supreme Court justices are not influenced by the opinion of the public.

An interesting thought that often goes overlooked when discussing public mood/opinion influencing the Supreme Court is that the “people” making up the country include the Justices. Therefore, it can be argued that the Justices do not respond to public opinion directly but rather are subject to the same forces and events which influence the opinion of the public. Following graduation, Petrozino says he plans to attend law school.