PRP 8761 - Noninstructional Emeritus Status

PRP 8761 - Noninstructional Emeritus Status

Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, Vice President for Administration

Effective 4/16/97

Notes: Approved by GAC 1/25/96; Privileges Item #2 revised by GAC 1/30/97; by Forum 3/5/97:

To be eligible for emeritus status at Bloomsburg University, a noninstructional employee shall:


1) Have retired as an employee of Bloomsburg University.

2) Have served with distinction for a minimum of fifteen (15) years at Bloomsburg University.

3) Be nominated to the president by majority employees in the department.


1) Be issued a university ID card

2) Be granted a permanent community activities card with the privileges pertaining thereto after 20 years of service.

3) Have name listed in the university catalog and other appropriate directories.

4) Be issued a free parking permit, if requested.

5) Receive campus publications.

6) Be granted dining room privileges in the Pennsylvania Room.

7) Be granted the privilege to attend shared governance meetings and be granted the right to speak.

Procedure for Conferring Emeritus Status

1. After an employee has declared his/her intent to retire from the university and this has been accepted by the president of the university, it is the responsibility of the appropriate department to consider emeritus status for that individual.

2. As soon as possible after acceptance of the retirement of the employee, the department shall conduct the nomination of the employee to emeritus status. If a majority of the department concurs, the nomination shall be forwarded, with comments if desired, to the department supervisor. The supervisor will then forward the nomination to the appropriated vice president, who in turn, will forward to the president of the university.

3. The president of the university will then recommend emeritus status for the employee and present his/her recommendation at a regular meeting of the Council of Trustees for its action.

Copies of the conferring letter shall be sent to the library, the Community Activities Office, and the Vice Presidents for University Advancement and Administration to provide notification that privileges are to be conferred.