PRP 6538 Tuition Waiver Policy

PRP 6538 Tuition Waiver Policy

Originals Issued by: Robert J. Parrish, V.P. for Administration

Effective Date: 07/01/87

PRP's 6535,6536, and 6537 combined into one comprehensive policy by GAC

Approved by Forum February 2, 2005

Reissued by Richard H. Rugen, V.P. for Administration

Effective: February 2, 2005

This Tuition Waiver Policy should be read in conjunction with the applicable section of the employee's Collective Bargaining Agreement or Management waiver policy. In the event that a conflict between this policy and the controlling contract is noted, the contract prevails.

It is the policy of the Council of Trustees of Bloomsburg University upon recommendation by the President and in accordance with Board of Governors Policy 1983-18A, that the University grant all full-time employees and their dependents of Bloomsburg University tuition waiver benefits as described below.


Full-time employees in regular status may take undergraduate courses offered at Bloomsburg University for credit without the payment of tuition, regardless of whether or not the course is directly related to the employee's position or job classification.

Employees covered by this policy must pay all fees not specifically waived as part of tuition.

An employee may take a course without the payment of tuition only on a "seats available" basis. An employee enrolled to take a course under this program could lose his/her opportunity to take the course if any regularly enrolled tuition paying student, up to the end of the "drop-add" period, wishes to have that seat. He/she could not lose that opportunity thereafter.

Should the course be offered only during working hours, it is the responsibility of the employee, prior to registering for the course, to negotiate with his/her supervisor a work schedule which will enable the fulfillment of his/her full-time responsibilities. If such adjustment is not possible or will have an adverse impact upon the operation, permission to utilize this procedure shall be refused.

Graduate tuition waivers will be controlled by the applicable CBA or management waiver policy.


The waiver shall not apply when financial aid is "specifically" made available for tuition purposes.

The child is eligible for tuition waiver until the age of 25 or until he or she obtains the first undergraduate degree, whichever comes first. If the 25th birthday is reached after the second day of a semester, tuition will be waived for that semester only.

This policy shall apply to undergraduate students who maintain satisfactory progress as defined by the academic program.

Tuition waiver shall be discontinued upon termination of employment. If such termination takes place during a semester, tuition will be waived for that semester only.

The admission of children under this policy will not adversely affect the regular enrollment goals of the university nor reduce the availability of educational opportunity to other Bloomsburg applicants.


Waiver of tuition shall be extended to spouses of employees of Bloomsburg University.

The waiver of tuition shall apply until the spouse obtains his/her first undergraduate degree.

Employees Not Covered by A CBA and Employees Covered by A CBA Which Does Not Have a Tuition Waiver Provision.

  • 1. The waiver of tuition shall be extended only to full-time permanent employees of Bloomsburg University
  • 2. The waiver of tuition shall be extended to the spouse of full-time employees. The waiver is applicable until the spouse obtains his/her first undergraduate degree.
  • 3. The waiver of tuition shall be extended to children of full-time employees. The waiver of tuition is applicable until the child obtains his/her first undergraduate degree or reaches the age of 25, whichever occurs first.
  • 4. Fifty percent (50%) waiver of tuition shall be extended to the employee's children who attend State System universities other than the university where the employee is employed.


"Employee" as used in this policy, shall mean only full-time permanent employees obtaining "regular status" employed at Bloomsburg University.

"Regular status" is defined as employees successfully completing the specified probationary period and any time limits noted in the appropriate contract or management guidelines.

"Spouse" as used in this policy, shall be defined as husband or wife, or a valid common law marriage. Proof of common law marriage may be required.

"Children" for purposes of this policy, shall be defined as:

  • a. biological child
  • b. legally-adopted children;
  • c. step-children;
  • d. court appointed legal ward

"Undergraduate degree" shall de defined as a baccalaureate degree granted by any accredited university. Associate degrees do not diminish eligibility.

"Termination" shall mean severance of the employer-employee relationship between the university and any of its employees whether by resignation, dismissal, retirement, furlough or otherwise.

The office of Human Resources shall report to the President the use of this benefit by employees, employees' children or employees' spouses each semester. The President will then share this report with the Board of Trustees.