Planning and Assessment Staff

Planning and Assessment Staff

Sheila Dove Jones, Ed.D., assistant vice president

Sheila Dove Jones

Dove Jones manages the operations of the Office of Planning and Assessment and collaborates with the campus community to assess and achieve the goals of the strategic plan, accreditation associations, and General Education student learning outcomes.

Debra M. Mucci, B.A., administrative assistant

Debra M. Mucci

Mucci serves as the ETS Proficiency Profile Test and Language Placement Test coordinator. In addition, she assists with the documentation of the Middle States Accreditation Process for Bloomsburg University.

Jessica Beaver, B.A., ACCUPLACER coordinator

Jessica Beaver

Beaver serves as the ACCUPLACER coordinator for Bloomsburg University and assists in the development of General Education (MyCore) VALUE Rubrics.

Kathy Kollar-Valovage, MS, MSIT, CCEP, Test Center Coordinator

Kathy Kollar-Valovage

Kollar-Valovage serves as BU's Test Center Coordinator. She is responsible for providing national, graduate, professional certification and distance-education exams to students and the general public in a professional, secure and accessible environment. She also assists with the administration of university assessments.

Jerrold Harris, Ph.D., research, compliance, and assessment

Jerrold Harris

Harris serves as coordinator of research and compliance in the Office of Assessment and Planning. He is responsible to designing and assisting with the designing of assessment surveys, developing reports, collecting general education (MyCore) data and communicating results to departments, faculty and staff.

Nathan Elser, M.S., statistical analyst

Nathan Elser

Elser serves as the statistical analyst in the Office of Planning and Assessment. He is responsible for the management and analysis of assessment data. He also assists in designing assessment plans, developing reports and communicating results to university stakeholders.

Nicholas Stepanik, M.S., statistical analyst

Nicholas Stepanik

Nick works with the organization, analysis, and presentation of data pertaining to student assessment, performance, and experiences, among other things. A background that includes experience teaching mathematics and working with students, Nick is highly enthusiastic about providing results that promote positive change to the campus community.