Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration

Spring 2017 Registration

Online vehicle registration begins December 12, 2016. Please apply through

Select “Buy Permits” and follow the on screen steps to begin the registration process. Each student is responsible to pay $3.50 shipping and handling fee. For resident students, the decal charge is $75.00 and for commuter students, the decal charge is $37.00.

Important Note!

Please use only your BU Student Email address when applying for a permit. You will need your Student Husky ID number in order to place your order as well. When entering your mailing address for the school; please use the same address that you use in “My Husky”.

Once your permit application has been approved, a temporary parking permit is made available for immediate parking privilege. Please print the temporary permit and place it on the dash of your vehicle while your permit is in transit. You should receive your parking permit via US Mail within 5-7 business days.

Your temporary parking permit will allow you to park in the designated area that the permit is approved for. The temporary parking permit is valid for a period of 10 days. If you have not received your actual parking decal in the mail at this point, please contact the Bloomsburg University Police Department at 570-389-2211. For IPARQ credit card issues, please call 805-562-8200.