Add, Drop and Withdrawal

Add, Drop and Withdrawal

Course withdrawal period begins on Wednesday, January 28th and ends on Friday, April 3rd. Students will withdraw from a course in ISIS.

Course Withdrawal Information

Students withdraw from a course through ISIS. The withdrawal period for every term begins at the conclusion of drop/add and ends at the end of the 10th week of the semester.

Please refer to Enrollment Dates to identify that time period each term and courses not taught on a regular semester basis. The Registrar will prorate the date appropriately.

You will sign into your ISIS account, go to Enrollment Drop, select the course you want to withdraw from and then follow the instructions on the screens. Once the process is complete, you will see a “W” grade next to the course in ISIS. You will be able to withdraw from one or all of your courses through ISIS. If you have a hold that will prevent you from dropping (withdrawing you from a course), you will need to email with your name, student ID number and the course you wish to withdraw from. Please see the links below to log into ISIS or for further instructions.

» Log into ISIS
» Course Withdrawal Instructions