Internet Sites for Community Psychology

Internet Sites for Community Psychology

Society for Community Research and Action

Website of the international professional body of community psychology. Information on SCRA mission and goals, membership benefits, interest groups, listserves, graduate schools and job opportunities in community psychology, conferences and activities (including those for students). The best website on community psychology.

The Community Psychology Net

Information about community psychology research, action, and graduate education, with links to other community psychology sites.

The Social Psychology Network: Community Psychology

The community psychology page of the Social Psychology Network website. Information on journals, books, careers and graduate programs, service learning, teaching resources, and other topics.

Community Tool Box

Excellent site for learning about citizen participation and planning community change, maintained by community psychologists. Includes tools and recommendations for planning, implementing, and evaluating community initiatives, and links to many related sites. The best website for practical tips and planning for community and social change.

Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

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