‘Stronger together than we are separate’

‘Stronger together than we are separate’

Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955 This month marks the 55th anniversary of the beginning of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the catalyst for what became the Civil Rights Movement. For 366 days, thousands of people committed to walking in protest of a segregated public transportation. Their dedication crippled the system and caused a ripple effect felt nationwide.

In honor of them, BU’s Frederick Douglass Institute for Academic Excellence held a public Commemorative March across campus, from Carver Hall to Waller Administration Building.

BU President David L. Soltz addressed the gathering, who collectively marched to the front steps of Waller Administration Building. There, participants signed a "Speak Up Pledge," which encourages to "say something" to minimize everyday bias and bigotry when you hear it around you.

The theme of this event was "Ordinary People Can Do the Extraordinary" in recognition of the scores of nameless and faceless folks who faced daily taunts and sneers of bias and bigotry, who ignored their own tiredness, and who endured the Alabama elements to bring a much needed change to society.

Photo gallery of BU's Commemorative March