Moving on to the next challenge

Moving on to the next challenge

Meghan Sullivan
I have just finished my practicum here in the Dominican and cannot believe it's already over.

Four weeks went by so fast. The last week I did a review and played a few games, so all of the students could see what they have learned and have some fun with their English.

With the adults, we had conversations through them writing their own conversation, and then presenting it in front of the whole class.

Over the course of four weeks, my students learned numbers, colors, animals, greetings, food, utensils, body parts, clothing, weather and some sayings in English.

Every class we had a conversation that always started with "Hello my name is" and "How are you." By the end of this course the students were able to say where they were from, their favorite color, their favorite animal, their favorite color, what time it is and what their job is.

Hopefully with this little bit of knowledge of English, each student will be able to continue their education and get a job easier, in the future.

To end it all, we had an activity to hand out diplomas to each person who participated, and to recognize their participation in this course.

A couple students shared how much they enjoyed this experience, and I was able to express how grateful I am to have been able to have this experience with all of them.

I am off to Haiti tomorrow (June 24) to do mission work with my church for 10 days, but I will be writing one more blog to wrap up this whole month and my feelings about how it has really opened my eyes to teaching and how different education is in another country.