Experiencing growth as a future teacher

Experiencing growth as a future teacher

Meghan Sullivan
I'm in my second to last week of teaching! I can't believe how fast it's going.

It has been very, very hot here this past week. It has not rained since last Wednesday (June 8), so there has been no break. At night it’s still around the 80s, so it has been sort of tough.

However, teaching has been good. We have now moved onto more in-depth conversations and verbs. The adults in my two classes are doing fabulously. The kids; however, are having more of a difficult time.

I have not taught as much to them, as it’s hard for them to retain all of this hard information. So, we have been playing a lot of games, so they can remember some basic English.

School and studying is very different here. Kids do not sit down and study like we do. Parents also do not tell their kids they must study.

All kids are mostly on their own all day, as their parents are working. No babysitters, just running around where they want to until there is someone in the house.

We would never even imagine that happening in the U.S.

I’m very happy with this whole experience, as I am learning more about myself as a teacher and how I can improve in some areas of my teaching.